Starting in 2019, U&I initiated a new program known as Aggregation. The inception was simple: form a solution for our retailer in order to bring the right assortment of video games to market, an arena where we were the experts.

The demand

Aggregation became a means to consolidate publishers under $30M in revenue into a single vendor of record and merchant touchpoint, creating a turnkey solution for a complex and high-touch vendor matrix.

The solution

The Aggregation program provides that last push we needed to achieve the richest overall software program in retail. The program solidified our store assortment of physical launches, which ultimately results in 50%+ of publisher’s physical market share. U&I acts as an stepping-off point in assisting the retailer in daily workload, negotiations, forecasting, and supply chain tracking, all while supporting shifting business strategies and priorities.

Group 3


Flattering words

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David Barnett

CEO & Founder, PopSockets LLC